Who am I?

My name is Jon and I've been producing work under the name GODSTEETH for the better part of a decade. I'm a self-taught illustrator and print maker based in North Wales. I began making my own screen printed vinyl stickers and quickly made the leap to t-shirts and clothing shortly thereafter. I've been screen printing garments from within my home since 2014. I also screen print my own limited edition prints from time to time and I've printed a very limited run of skate decks in the past. I hope to print many more things in the future. It's all good fun and I love creating new things and learning along the way.

In 2016 I made the decision to switch to ethically produced clothing, so that's something to be proud of I think.

In 2018 I crowdfunded a book about my childhood cat, Teddy. Some of you swell people supported it! Thank you so much. I would love to make more books like this in the future.



1985----1987----------c.1995-----------------------------2014------------------------Present Day

Born      Art                Teddy dies                            Heart is trampled             Art>>>