PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS (temporarily closed)
PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS (temporarily closed)
PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS (temporarily closed)

PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS (temporarily closed)

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I've shut these down for a while so I can catch up

Hello and welcome to The Pipette Portrait Project!

Let me draw your portrait and be included in an ongoing personal project of mine. 

The bigger idea here is to hopefully collect the drawings in a book that I can self-publish at a later date if I receive enough commissions. I'm keeping portraits simple and low in price to keep the project as inclusive as possible. You will receive your drawing by mail. There are three tiers to choose from:

Face - £20

Bust - £25

Figure - £30

You can choose one or all three if you would like a few little drawings!

Here's the important info:

  • Once you have made your purchase please send me at least one photograph of yourself to my email godsteethillustration@gmail.com 
  • Title your email PORTRAIT and make sure you include your order number in the email. This will help me find your photo easily when processing orders.
  • The size of each drawing will be roughly 6x8 inches. I may complete them on slightly larger paper if doing figures. If you would like a larger drawing please specify this in your email and I will arrange a price adjustment accordingly.
  • You will receive the drawing by mail.
  • Please also state if you don't want me to post your drawing on social media. Also state if you don't want me to publish your drawing at a later date. If you're happy for me to do these things then you don't need to mention it.
  • If ordering Bust or Figure options - Nudity is at your own discretion. I am happy to work with this subject matter, but I will be much happier if it is done tastefully. I value your privacy and your photos will be kept securely and then deleted upon completion. Obviously these options are restricted to 18+ years of age. If I receive anything vulgar that makes me uncomfortable I will immediately cancel your order so please be respectful.
  • With regards to poses, I am keen on unusual poses and/or hand placements. Again, this is entirely up to you.
  • Please be aware that I am drawing these in ink with a pipette and then completing with a wet brush. I am concerned more with capturing a feeling rather than accuracy, so please expect varied levels of abstraction. The style of the images shown is representative of how your portrait will look. I will not be doing detailed portraits so please bear that in mind. Refunds will not be available once I have completed your drawing.
  • Humans only! I'm not doing animal portraits, sorry. I don't doubt your pet is the love of your life, but I'm interested in drawing you and you alone for now.
  • They are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This is not a merchandise commission in any way, shape or form. Email me for that type of work because this is not it.
  • Finally, please be aware that at this point in time, it may take me up to 2 weeks to draw your portrait.

Worldwide shipping!

Thank you x


PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS (temporarily closed)