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SMILE Tee (Ltd to 13)

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SMILE Tee (Limited Edition of 13)

Limited to just 13 pieces. Each Tee has been hand-dyed, washed, hand-printed using eco-friendly water-based inks and individually numbered on the inner-collar below the tag with a sharpie.

The T-shirts used to be Light Pink in colour, but have been soaked and dyed using black water-based ink in a water/ink solution. They are now a washed-out grey colour. Some of the shirts maintained spots of their original colour in places. Please see photos for more details.

Due to the process each shirt is 100% unique. Furthermore, a small message will be written on the inside of each lower cuff for the buyer. 

Continental Earth Positive. 100% Combed Organic Cotton.

Hand-printed in my home studio using eco-friendly ink. This gives the print a lovely soft finish.

Please note that hand-printed garments can have slight imperfections and no two are identical, making them unique. Any small anomalies are embraced. The tees used are ethically manufactured and are of the highest quality.

Worldwide Shipping and size chart in photos.

Thank you!