About Me

Me and an Iron

My name is Jon and I live and work in North Wales. I am an artist and print maker by trade and went full-time around 2015. I began this whole thing at my lowest ebb and threw caution to the wind buying screen printing equipment that I could barely afford. With a book and sheer determination I taught myself the basics and progressed from there. First I screen printed stickers then moved on to T-shirts and that kind of stuck. 

There was a time when I was screen printing inside a tiny terraced house, heat-curing shirts individually with an iron. It took me more hours than I care to admit. Eventually I was able to expand and, to cut a long story short, here I am today (minus the fucking iron). I enjoy printing but still prefer creating artwork rather than reproducing it.

My work

I try to dabble in whatever mediums take my fancy these days, including but not limited to, animation, print, collage, illustration, painting, photography and sculpture amongst other things. I don't enjoy digital work and I tend to avoid the medium unless I'm having to prep work for print.

Client work and commissions

A short list of the clients I was happy to work for include Angel Olsen, Dr. Martens, Murder by Death and END. I prefer to work on personal projects and rarely accept client work (google David Bowie talking about working for others, he explains it better than I could). If you reeeeeeally want to work with me then it's worth an ask via my contact page. I'm more inclined to say yes if the project interests me.