For all commission enquiries please use my contact form or email me at godsteethillustration@gmail.com. If you have a budget and time frame in mind then please state so. I'm more likely to respond to you if the first email includes those things. Also bear in mind that my work is very time-consuming, so I am quite picky with what comes my way. I mention more about my mindset on this here.


All clothing items are screen printed by me in my home studio. I print with water-based inks because they are better for the environment and produce softer prints. All garments used are produced by Continental Clothing Co. and I use these exclusively because their shirts are ethically produced using 100% combed organic cotton. 


Both my screen prints and giclée prints are produced by me in my home studio. My giclée prints are produced using high quality cotton rag papers from Hahnemühle. They are archival and should be handled with care.

If you would like a particular piece of work as a print please feel free to contact me via the contact form.


I'm doing my bit for the environment and all my packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable. This by no means makes it less robust, in fact, I go overboard to ensure items are protected from damage in transit.


Please go here and read everything before emailing me. Thank you kindly.

TOOLS (not exhaustive)

Ink, charcoal, graphite, glue, paint, pencils, pens, crayons, knives, magazines, old cameras, dirty water and knackered brushes.


Do it yourself.


I.e., of older shirts and things. I'm not really interested in doing this, sorry. I've got too many things I'd like to focus on or learn. I will top up out-of-stock products on the odd occasion though so it's best to jump on my newsletter or my patreon for a heads up on that kind of thing.


I'm asked every so often if I'll do a new book about these two. It sometimes pops into my mind but I haven't started anything. Never say never though.


It's very unlikely I'll respond in a timely manner with these due to the time-consuming nature of my work (some poor bastards have waited for years). But if you really think we'd be a good match then please feel free to contact me here but be prepared to wait a while. The chances of me seeing a direct message on social media platforms is slim to none.


Customers - Your support does not go unnoticed and I try to give everyone little extras like stickers, pin badges, postcards or small prints with most orders where possible.

Everyone else - ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha


Short answer - :(

Longer answer - I'm aware people have my work tattooed (some of it authorised beforehand) but as time has gone on I was getting asked far too often and it was robbing me of my time whilst benefitting someone else's livelihood. I'm a fan of tattoos myself and have quite a few, but I will only respond to people who are genuinely enthralled with something I've done and even then I'm probably lying because I usually see these messages and groan before deleting them. If you can show you've supported me in some way first I'll likely take the time to listen. No guarantees though. Having said all that I did notice a massive reduction in this type of query the moment I started changing mediums. Go figure.


The end.